Jenna Gribbon

Some show highlights…

Light Holding, Massimo De Carlo London.

An exploration of constructed voyeurism, performative intimacy and the dictating role of scale… This show was certainly worth the visit!! What I really loved here was the delicate yet wholly energising brushstrokes that command Gribbon’s work, the confronting positions and interrogative lamp really pull you in. We feel as though we are imposing, acting as a secondary gaze, the primary physical manifestation of the gaze being the lamp itself. Either held by the figure in view or the from artist, therefore presenting the changeable role of agency across the works…aptly put by MDC

“With brushstrokes loosening and widening in tandem with their growing scale..unflinchingly real tableaus from domestic life”.

Massimo De Carlo
Jenna Gribbon at MDC

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